UL-Clubnight w/ Dubspeeka, Dado Hr & Marcel Niveau

Am 03.02.2017 ab 22:00

Bis 04.02.2017 05:00

UL-Clubnight w/ Dubspeeka, Dado Hr & Marcel Niveau

Die Underground League lädt alle zu Ihrem Opening im Airport Official ein!

Zur musikalischen Unterstützung lassen wir uns ein bekanntes Gesicht aus dem Drumcode-Lager extra aus England nach Würzburg holen. Unterstützt wird dieser von unseren Lokalmatadoren Dado_HR & Marcel Niveau


- dubspeeka ( Drumcode )

Support :

- Dado_HR ( Underground League Clubnights // Thatsmylife )
- Marcel Niveau ( Airport Official // Underground League Clubnights )

Wir freuen uns sehr gemeinsam mit euch das Airport zum Beben zu bringen!

***Eintritt nur über den T1 / Club-Eingang***

Further Information:
Over the past 24 months elusive Bristol based producer and DJ dubspeeka has put down a statement of intent for the coming years as he has effortlessly broken through into the techno community’s collective consciousness.
As a purveyor of sleek yet heavyweight techno, his productions have a deep refreshing rawness coupled with a chrome-finished edge that affirm a lifetime of fine-tuning his ear in the studio. Garnering the respect of his peers via releases on Drumcode, Truesoul, Last Night On Earth, Ideal Audio, Bedrock, and of course his own Skeleton imprint, dubspeeka is set to continue to espouse his refreshing take on techno into 2016.

Darren Beale is no stranger to the music industry. As one of the producers in International electronic music group Kosheen for much of the noughties, he was responsible for two Gold selling albums, and a string of international hits. But as Kosheen wound down at the start of the decade, Darren still had a scratch to itch. Having grown up listening to Drum & Bass (and producing under an earlier alias), and early rave and hardcore, it is not surprising that he always also had an eye and ear on the techno scene during his time in Kosheen.
So a shift in focus in the studio engendered the dubspeeka alias, and a lifetime of studio work and producing across various genres have resulted in a mature, polished and original style of techno that is exciting his peers and fans alike.

With an already hefty catalogue to his name, notable highlights include 2014’s “Noise” EP on Truesoul, the “Fargo” EP on Senso Sounds, and the first of his two outings for burgeoning imprint DEXT entitled “Leaving Home”. And then of course there were 2015’s trio of releases that helped cement his reputation. First up was his “Primary” EP for the mighty Drumcode, followed quickly by his ‘Angel’ EP on LNOE, for which he persuaded Alan Fitzpatrick to jump onto remix duties. And finally, a return to Truesoul with “Bela Lugosi”. These were in addition to a string of remixes and his “Outland” EP for his own label later in 2015.

On the live side, unsurprisingly, dubspeeka has gone from strength to strength. Having toured extensively in Europe in 2014 and 2015, Darren has proved adept at handling smaller intimate venues and larger venues and festivals alike. Last year saw him spin at Gashouder, Tobacco Dock, Bloc, D! Club, The Hydra, and the legendary Berghain among others. And having just come off the back of his debut BPM Festival performance, dubspeeka is set to be in continued high demand during 2016.

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