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After 8 fantastic years on the road with Magnificent Music we’ve mutually decided to move separate ways. We’ve been very happy with where this journey has taken us, but now we feel ready for the next chapter. Therefore, we are very excited to welcome Dragon Productions as our new booking agent!

Jörg Düsedau, Dragon Productions about the new collaboration:

I just can’t resist a band like Siena Root! These guys deliver so much that I truly appreciate, but badly miss in most nowadays music… Real handmade rock, the ability to jam (just check their live in the studio session on YouTube) and the love for vinyl and staying away from computer made productions. I am happy to explore new shores for and with them from now on!”

Siena Root came to life in Stockholm in 2003 and is until today considered to be one of the pioneering bands in the heritage rock music scene. They persistently pulled through with releasing their first album on vinyl back in 2004, long before the retro trend had people carrying down their old turntables from the attic. The quest to bring out the beauty of analogue music production to the listeners continued.

With a vast discography and a reputation of being an extraordinary live act, Siena Root will start writing on their eighth album this autumn and planning also to re-release their entire back-catalog on vinyl and CD. Driven by their passion for experiments with analog music production they go deep into the Swedish forest, where musical inspiration can only be distracted by the scent of magnetic tape. The result has always been; heavy drum grooves, solid bass riffs, screaming guitar/organ dogfights and powerhouse vocals. All working together in a classic, yet playful and dynamic interaction. But there’s more to it. This legacy band brings an authentic root rock experience also to the stage, lately presented as support of Deep Purple in Germany.

With record sales by 2018 of more than 50.000 physical CDs, LPs, DVDs and digital downloads, as well as over 1 million listeners on streaming services such as Spotify and more than 300.000 views on YouTube, Siena Root is one of the most well-known and established root rock band these days.

Veranstalter: Der Cult – Open Doors: 19 Uhr – Beginn: 20 Uhr

SIENA ROOT – Tales of Independence

SIENA ROOT – Kaleidoscope


Telefon: 0911 311515