New Bakermat Music

All of the new music is a product of experimentation, time, and pure unfiltered fun. I wanted
to go back to the roots, and take my time to produce music that’s fresh, isn’t out there yet
and diverse. Prior to making my new sound I locked myself up in a room for a month with a
collection of records in every genre. My goal was to take elements I liked from all these
different genres and combine them together in order to create something new. The tracks
are therefore not particularly mainstream, but also not underground. It’s for people that
want to hear something new and interesting, but still want it to have a feelgood vibe to
it. Where most pop music right now sounds polished, clean and perfect, I wanted to take the
opposite direction and start making music again that is raw, dirty and imperfect. I wanted to
give it a human touch. An analog feel.

Do Your Thing EP (reggae & oldschool house)
Lion & Do Your Thing

For the first track of the EP ‘Lion’ I was mainly inspired by reggae and ska elements, and
wanted to see if I could combine them with classic house and pop vibes. It was a completely
new field for me, but ended up being a super fun track to make, because of the laidback
groove the guitars provided. The idea for the second, and main track of the EP ‘Do Your
Thing’, came from my wish to make an ode to producers that made me interested in
electronic music when I was younger. It’s inspired by guys like Fatboy Slim, Groove Armada
and Basement Jax. I wanted to make a track that had the same spirit and cool vibe as the
tracks I once fell in love with.

Under The Sun (oldschool house & trance)

It was my goal to make a totally feelgood summer track. I was thinking about my first festival
experience one day and what track made that day extra special for me. It was a remix of an
older song by Kidda called ‘Under the Sun’, and at the time I was absolutely in love with the
combination of vocal and piano. After googling the track I immediatly called my label and
asked them to contact Kidda, to ask if he would find it a cool idea if I did a remake of his
track. Luckily he did! To give this track a special vibe I decided to use an old Korg M1 and
make a bit of a trancy synth on the break (something you never hear anymore in modern
day electro and pop). It makes a nice contrast to the happy piano in the first break because
of the emotional feeling it provides.

Partystarter EP (rock, sovjet funk)
Partystarter & Tripping

Foto: Bakermat-MartyMarn(C)

Both tracks on this EP are a bit more experimental. The first, and main track ‘Partystarter’
came from my burning desire to make a record with a rock guitarist. I wanted to experience
what it was like to work in the studio with big amplifiers and real rock and roll people. It’s
the fastest track I’ve ever made with 165 bpm, a speed I was totally not farmiliar with at
first. Partystarter is the ultimate party anthem for me, something I would love to hear when
I’m celebrating or totally drunk. The second track of the EP ‘Tripping’ is literally a trip. The
track shifts a couple of times from key, chord progression and style. It combines Sovjet Funk
with Rap and Chill. When making this track I tried to ignore all the ‘rules’ that come with
making music in general, and just really do what I felt was right at that moment.

Trouble & Bad Dreams (jazz, soul & hip hop)

These tracks are both still in development. Trouble is nearly finished, and is a mixture of Jazz,
Soul and Chill Out music. It’s totally feelgood. Bad Dreams is a new experiment, where I
wanted to make a sad ballad with rap for the first time. I’m still looking for the right rapper
on this. These will probably be released later this year.