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Ska Rockers aus Italien

European’s finest ska rockers combine 2tone-offbeat with 77punk, mod revival and streetsoul, fast and rough, tough and smart, always on the run!

On the 17th of January, Offenders released on Destiny Records their 5th full lenght “Generation Nowhere” 13 powerfull dancefloor-mosh pit anthems, directly in high position into the ska chart, while they never stop rocking clubs all over Europe mostly every weekend

2005-2007: formed by guitarist/songwriter Valerio Tenuta (as drummer in that time) after a demo tape and bunch of shows in local clubs, Offenders had the chance to release through a small german indie label Conehead Records , their debut full length “Hooligan Reggae” completely influenced by 2tone revival and early reggae. The rapid success of the title track in the german ska scene, gave them the chance to get booked for their first german tour, December 2007.

2008: while Hooligan Reggae was going to be sold out short after the release, Offenders had a line up change, now Checco aka Francesco Mirabelli became the new drummer while Valerio took over the microphone as main singer. The result is the 7” “Wake up Rebels” which let them start a long European tour, playing in over 10 countries and be part of important festivals like This is Ska Festival (Rosslau/Ger) , Skaville Festival (Croatia), Mantua Fest (Dublin/Ire), and Siempre Antifascista (Berlin/Ger). After all the touring and the sold out 7”, Offenders signed for one of the biggest ska label in Europe, Grover Records. Time for the second full length.

2009: After the recording session of “Action Reaction”, Valerio and Checco moved to Berlin, establishing a new line up and they met Alexander Paulsen aka Captain Elysium (Hammond/keyboard), who got the third consistent in the line up. Offenders were also taken in the roster of Muttis Booking and in April 2009 “Action Reaction” was released on Grover Records. The album shows a variation of style that will influence the band’s sound also later on, starting to open to mod revival and power pop. Following the release they were part of the “Easter Ska Jam Tour” playing their own set as well as backing band of the reggae legend Susan Cadogan, followed by a lot of festivals and club shows later that year.

2010: In January Offenders got back to Uk for their first long tour over there with 10 gigs around the country and once home, they got a new record deal with Mad Butcher (Germany) and re-pressed Hooligan Reggae (that was sold out since months), Action Reaction (re-mastered) and the mcd “Anthems from the Gutter” (first one with Valerio playing also guitar) which include “Till i die” and “Oi!Skins” 2 songs that definitely mark the change of style mixing punk77/power pop with 2tone ska. In summer, Offenders were for the second time at “This is Ska Festival” in Rosslau in front of over 2000 people singing along, and left shortly after that for their first tour in Spain and Basque Country, while they were already working on the new album.

2011: “Shots, Screams and Broken Dreams” was released in January on Mad Butcher, developing the offbeat-punk mixture in the band’s sound. To celebrate the release, the band got booked for their first tour in Czech Republic “Viva la Bohemia Tour 2011”, after playing constantly around Germany, France, Italy. In December, along side their friends from RedSka, they teamed up as “RudeLeague” touring Germany and releasing a 7” split .

2012: This year marks an important change for the band, while never stop touring and appearing in several summer fest like Trutnov Open Air in Czech Republic, the band signed with legendary Destiny Records from Berlin, to release the 4th album “Lucky enough to live” for few weeks as top seller of Amazon Ska chart among many other german’s distro, and well acclaimed by critics and public as brand new sound, from there on, The Offenders sound. Among all other European shows should be mentioned the first Greece’s tour as well as their first time in Russia, playing in Moscow with Distemper, and headlining St. Petersburg and Novgorod, both sold out.

2013: all year was spent on the road to promote “Lucky enough to live” playing countless shows different countries and important Festivals such “Rebellion Fest” in Uk, “Pod Parou Festival” in Czech Republic, “Stemweder Open Air” Germany. While never stop touring, secretly the band went back to the recording studio for the 5th full length planned for 2014, shortly after their autumn club’s tour in Germany, Offenders left to China for their first tour over there, releasing a “Best of” just for the Chinese market and playing packed shows in such cities like Beijing and Wuhan at famous “Vox Club”. Back from China, they released their first video clip “Berlin will resist-Riot 87 in SO36” as first single for the new upcoming album.

2014: the year starts more then positively, with their brand new album “Generation Nowhere” directly at number 2 of the Ska chart even just as pre-sell, and still top 10 after 2 weeks of the release, new club’s tour already planned and summer festivals again on as Mighty Sounds & This is Ska 2014…