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DAPHNE 02 is around the corner.
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY our artists’ profiles to enjoy advanced disco shit house bangers.

My role as a DJ for LIBT / DAPHNE LAB
Agyena: Explorer
Gabriel: Thumb snapper & crackling climax filler

I was born in this city
Agyena: Nürnberg
Gabriel: Stuttgart

My first kiss was
Agyena: With Alisha, My 2nd first Kiss with Bastian.
Gabriel: With Alina

When I don’t work I
Agyena: Study cognitive science
Gabriel: I'm getting reflective

My favourite sound
Agyena: 80’s synthesizers
Gabriel: A powerful 80’s snare during the peak time of a warm up set

If I was a politician for a day I would
Agyena: Try to change the world in one day, I guess.
Gabriel: Apologize

My heart belongs to
Agyena: Science and music
Gabriel: A curved palm tree

How I rest
Agyena: Listening to my favourite records
Gabriel: With Pizza & Cheeseburger

My favourite pet
Agyena: Dog
Gabriel: Dog

My dream date
Agyena: Jeff Mills
Gabriel: With a drunken ghost

What I like to put in my mouth
Agyena: Mostly food
Gabriel: Chocolate bars from Peru

My biggest crush
Agyena: That’s confidential ;-)
Gabriel: Anine van Velzen

My favourite color
Agyena: Vantablack
Gabriel: Strawberry-blond

Three important things about lovers
Agyena: Ambitious, adventurous, challenging
Gabriel: They should be creatively intelligent and fucked up

Three important things about friends
Agyena: Ambitious, adventurous, challenging
Gabriel: Loyalty, sincerity and know how to keep secrets

My best tip to my 18-year old self
Agyena: Get some BitCoins
Gabriel: You're doing well! Just follow your way!

My favourite body part
Agyena: Brain
Gabriel: Knees

What I do when no one sees me
Agyena: Pretending I’m invisible
Gabriel: I curl up into a ball

My superpower
Agyena: Making pancakes
Gabriel: Jasmin-Tea around 11 am


Gabriel Engelsbråten

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