Intergalactic Larry - The Interlocutor ∞

Am 26.03.2016 ab 22:30

Bis 27.03.2016 04:00

Intergalactic Larry - The Interlocutor ∞

The Interlocutor - Eyes Wide Shut ∞

π Lenny Posso (Thema / Chronicle - New York)
π Robanzee (Film51)
π Ben Solo ∞ live
π ịR·DEN (Space)

Through last month´s Exequatur in Berlin, recognition was truly ensured. Next to Ben Solo and ịR·DEN, Larry´s diplomats could accquire dirty diamond Robanzee from F51 and Lenny Posso, still an earthling, but one spacey dude + a mastermind of a DJ to join the Interlocutor with us.
The Label Boss of Thema, straight out of New York City, with releases by the likes such as Christopher Rau, Ion Ludwig, Quenum, Cesare vs. Disorder, Terrence Dixon, Norm Talley, Heiko Laux, Oskar Offermann & Edward and many more, will surely beam you up to beyond anything to expect from a saturday night in a small franconian dome city on planet earth.
Gates open 10pm SIST
t ∞ concert will take off 11pm sharp
Fee: 5 Euro < 00:00 am | 7 Euro > 00:00 am
infamous private after show party hosted by swm at some very awesome secret private location somewhere in space - watch out, better be spacey!
can everybody please like my page, so our organization does not have to pay so much $$ to facebook for making you actually see this event, thank you.
Much appreciated. Intergalactic luv, yours

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